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Cigarette Style Metal One Hitter

Cigarette Style Metal One Hitter

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The cigarette one hitter is a smoking device that has gained massive popularity in recent years. While there are numerous smoking items in the cannabis industry, chillums provide many with the best alternative to consume cannabis.

Chillums have been around for many years, predominantly used in Eastern Europe and Asia to smoke herbs, but are now seen everywhere worldwide. These weed pipes have made a comeback and are becoming incredibly trendy, following the widespread acceptance and legalization of cannabis in many countries.

How To Use The Cigarette Pipe

  • Grinding: The first step involves grinding the cannabis buds to a fine form, making the weed burn evenly and consistently.
  • Packing The next step is loading the cannabis in the one hitter cigarette pipe. When putting the weed in the chillum, it's advisable not to overload or pack it down too tightly. For this reason, a pinch or two of marijuana is an ideal amount for the cigarette weed pipe.
  • Puff: The next step is lighting the herb and gently inhaling it from the mouthpiece. It's worth noting that chillums provide the best results when placed at a 45-degree angle. It's also advisable to inhale small puffs to avoid getting ash into your mouth.
  • Emptying: Once the contents of the bowl are burnt to ashes, empty the content into an ashtray.
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