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Endoca Whipped Body Butter

Endoca Whipped Body Butter

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Protective and moisturizing. Endoca's full-spectrum hemp body butter combines natural food-grade shea butter, cocoa butter, and coconut oil with organically certified CBD hemp extract. Hemp is a rich source of antioxidants and vitamins. This thick and creamy hemp-infused cream makes an ideal barrier cream. Useful for nourishing and soothing dry skin. Endoca body butter is all-natural, to help replenish and care for your body’s biggest organ.

Strength: 1500mg of CBD per bottle.

Ingredients: CBD, Shea Butter, Palm Oil, Cocoa Seed Butter, Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, Root Starch, Vanilla, Beeswax, Vitamin E.

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