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Ooze – Electro Barrel E-Rig

Ooze – Electro Barrel E-Rig

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This Electric Dab Rig from Ooze includes a water bubbler with removable chamber, Onyx atomizer, and even offers Flex Temp with 3 different temperature options. This torchless dab rig also includes a USB Type-C charger with passthrough option!

  • Electric Dab Rig 
  • Water Bubbler with Removable Chamber 
  • Built with Onyx Atomizer 
  • 2000 mAh 
  • Flex Temp – 3 Temperature Levels 
  • Torchless Dab Rig Experience 
  • No Preheating Required 
  • Sub-Ohm Vaping for Thick, Flavorful Clouds 
  • Type-C Charger for Pass-Through Charging 
  • Includes 2 Extra Onyx Atomizers 


  • Faster Heating. Better Flavor. Smarter Vape. 
  • The Ooze C-Core, or Ceramic Core, is a collection featuring advanced ceramic technology for the most efficient, satisfying vaping experience ever 
  • The Onyx Atomizer is an atomizer bucket with an Azul ceramic core  
  • The bucket is deep with a lot of capacity for extract 
  • The Azul core is a mesh coil covered with a patented blue ceramic that provides incredibly even, efficient heat 
  • 100% heavy metal free 
  • Maximum efficiency airflow 
  • Less residue = easy cleaning 
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