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Ooze – Slim Twist Pro Atomizer 3-Pack + Mouthpiece

Ooze – Slim Twist Pro Atomizer 3-Pack + Mouthpiece

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This is a replacement wax atomizer pack for the Slim Twist Pro, and is also a compatible attachment for all Ooze batteries! It includes a new mouthpiece and extra coils to use your vape for concentrates.

All dab coils will eventually wear out, no matter how well you clean them or how often you use them. Concentrates leave behind sticky resin that is difficult to remove from the small quartz rods, so it will continue to heat up and eventually burn and char. You’ll know it’s time to replace your coils when each dab tastes burnt, or just not as good as it should. This Slim Twist Pro Atomizer Replacement Pack instantly refreshes your Slim Twist Pro wax pen kit, and can also upgrade any Ooze vape pen into a full wax pen! It includes a new atomizer with two backup coils and new mouthpiece with a screen.

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