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SporesMD Mushroom Gummies - 10,000mg

SporesMD Mushroom Gummies - 10,000mg

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Experience the subtle yet beneficial effects of microdosing with SporesMD’s Microdose 20 Pack Berry Medley Gummies. Each gummy is loaded with 500mg of our exclusive blend of amanita muscaria and amanita pantherina mushrooms. It’s the perfect pick for your daily dose of chill.

Popping one of these berry medley gummies isn’t just about the potential benefits of the mushroom extracts. It’s about experiencing a little moment of indulgence as you savor the explosion of natural fruit flavors in your mouth. That’s because SporesMD has carefully curated a generous selection of berry flavors, using only natural ingredients to ensure a guilt-free, pleasure-filled experience.

So go on, welcome tranquility into your life with the SporesMD Microdose 20 Pack Berry Medley Gummies – a jar of treats that offers a soothing journey, one gummy at a time.

Suggested use: Consume one gummy on a daily basis or as required.

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